First times

While writing a description under my video from vocation in Maldives I realized that this vocation means more than a lot to me. There were loads of "first times" during amazing 10 days on island, such as first holiday with our newborn son, first time in Maldives, first time trying windsurfing as well as diving without mask or swimming goggles and even without holding my nose for not getting water in it :) It was first time I saw fruit bats over my head and they are quiet big, I should say. First time I saw reef sharks and ray around my feet and even was trying to catch them :) First time I saw water villas with my own eyes and had a best ever massage with a glass floor under, as I could see fishes during relaxation:)

Then I realized that it's not only vocation that is full of first times. The last years are fulfilled of joyful moments and good things that happened to me. Now i know what a beautiful feeling is to be pregnant and to carry a new life under my heart. I know that feeling when you love someone even without seeing it :) ...that strong connection with my baby ... I will remember for the rest of my life that happy moment I saw him for the first time <3 There were plenty of new experiences while waiting for our baby that I found both, confusing and funny :D They will stay forever in my mind, ha ha :)

This year i tried and experienced many other things like jet skiing, parasailing, exploring mountains in Turkey, SPA procedures in Lithuania (yes I'm over 30 and had never tried wellness center before :)) , enjoying holiday separate from my husband. I saw a loads of things that my growing son did for the first time and this is the most amazing experience in my life that I continue to enjoy :)

The last years made my life rich and full of excitements and there’s nothing quite like or as memorable as the thrill of a new experience. According to psychologists, people who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones than people who have fewer experiences. So I invite you all - try and experience new things as often as you can!

I love You, and can do nothing with it :)