Good vibes coming your way

One day I began to listen to a very controversial audio book, that my sister recommended to me. Actually, she did not recommend, she told she is listening and told me some details that made me curious. I started to listen to it while running or before going to bed.

One of the main messages in the book was that everything comes back to you. I knew it before, but I didn't realize so clear that Everything You Think or Do or Say comes back, I mean EVERYTHING. This message was repeated so many times in such a different perspectives, that I suddenly realized that it is not only "not to do", "not to say" or "not to think" things to/about others if you do not want to receive it back :) You can do, say or think positive things so you will get it one day back as well as bad thoughts :)

Here is some examples you can add to your thoughts and enjoy positive results after some time:

1. Be thankful.

It is very important in life to give thanks for everything: happiness, love, pain, tears, for lessons and real life situations. Every evening just before you fall asleep, could think for how grateful you are for things you have, for what positive has happened through your day, for lessons you have learned, feelings you felt, people you met... An even greater desire to thank is when life gives you twice as much, for what you give thanks. Do not forget that in all things are hidden exchanges and the first step must take you.

2. Smile more.

Remember, a smile does not cost anything, but does a lot of buying. Smiling has a lot of positive effects and benefits for your mood, health, body, mind and even for your relationships, both at work and personal life.

3. Think positively.

It is better to be optimist, who may be disappointed, nor pessimist, that never has hope. Expect the best, prepare yourself for that success is waiting for you just around the corner and reach for it firmly and confidently. It took a lot of time for me to change my attitude into more optimistic one. I always said that I am not pessimist, I am realist. But the thing is that EVERYTHING you think is TRUE. It is up to you what to choose :)

4. Remove from the life the "black" envy.

Remember - successful people are more interested in themselves than others. If someone is more fortunate than you, wish them success. Remember - the more you feel envy, the more situations causing jealous will appear in your life :) I watched one girl, who was very envy and unhappy when I succeed and thought then "dear, if you could understand that this will attract even more similar situations and you will suffer even more".

5. Wish people success and other positive things as half of wish comes back to you. People often wish bad thing to others, thinking that it has not consequences to their own life. The thing is, that not everything comes back in the same way and at the same time that it was sent. People do not understand why they are so unsuccessful, why everything goes bad. They can not see the connection between what they have sent and what they have got. So wish to others only good wishes and keep waiting for them to come back to you :)

Yours Nadiusha xxx