Ninja is a person who excels in a particular skill or activity. In my case this is happiness, being happy every moment, no mater what. It's not about smiling every time and speak positive, while you are feeling like a crap inside you. For me, being happy, means peace of mind, staying calm, live in peace with myself.  


Living in a present, watching my dreams became a reality, love, gratitude, laughter, good health, welfare, goals, good relationships, helping others, doing what I like, freedom to be myself with all imperfections and without caring what others think about me, doing stupid things sometimes, power to change, to be better than yesterday, compete only with myself,  enjoy the present without thinking about past or future too much, facing fears, getting out of my comfort zone, trying new things, learning, overcoming failures  - that is what helps me to feel alive and happy :)  


Once you understand that there is no way to happiness, happiness itself is the way, you can choose your path and your journey begins :)




Nadezda T. Plenta



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Happy summer to everyone 🌞#naturallight